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Wed Nov 24 09:48:03 PST 1999

Doug mused:
>Interesting - there seems to be quite a nest of Gaddis fans here, me
>among them. Not something you run across in the real world everyday.
>Wonder why.

Might as well let the man speak for himself:

"I'm not reader-friendly. I do ask something of the reader, and many reviewers say I ask too much, even some of them who like my work say, but it's work, it's difficult. And as I say, it's not reader-friendly."

From his 1995 National Book Award acceptance speech

--Good. I hope every reader will, from this history, take warning, and stamp improvement on the wings of time problem most God damned readers rather be at the movies. Pay attention here bring something to it take something away problems most God damned writing's written for readers perfectly happy who they are rather be at the movies, come in empty-handed go out the same God damned way what I told him Bast...


Jeff Downing

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