General status of gender relations vs. Quibbles

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Nov 25 07:28:36 PST 1999

Hi Rob:
>Okay, I'm harping on a bit, but ...
>Sez Yoshie: "No oppression, no gender."
>Is there a distinguishing remainder after gender is gone, Yoshie? I guess
>I was using (but carefully not defining) 'sex' as the set of distinguishing
>stuff left after we (happily) subtract the historically contingent
>'gender'. Am I way off (I have read some books, Yoshie, it just might be
>that I didn't understand 'em - in which case a little list help seems
>justifiable to me).

There are many interesting biological differences that sciences may take note of & inquire after in a future classless society without racial & gender oppression (hence without race & gender). However, human biological differences do not have to resolve themselves into a two-sex, two-gender model that we have now. At present, I'm thinking that in a hoped-for communist future, we'll have an X-sex, zero-gender model. We don't live in such a society now, so I don't think we can quite imagine how many sexes (one, two, three, four, twelve, or more?) future communist citizens of the world may like to have as useful categories. For more, please see my December half Carrol's post on the question.

three cheers for older, politically mature humans,


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