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> > Wonder if there is a way to create an "open source" style
> copyright on LBO.
> > As in free reprinting for any non-profit use but permission required for
> > for-profits. No reason Russ Smith shouldn't have to pay for
> Katha's prose
> > if he's selling ads on the opposing page based on it.
> step aside, son... SHAZAM!
> # distributed via <nettime>: no commercial use without
> permission

And...shazam...does anyone (meaning any "controlling legal authorities") care? Russ Smith and Cockburn have been treating statements on LBO like any personal comments people might make at a meeting or a room. Just because they are written down (with whatever nice tag lines) does not mean they are protected if they are not considered protected writing in the first place.

Of course, Cockburn and Mugger probably used small enough snippets that they get fair use rights in any case, but the whole issue of whether email list writing will have more the character of speech or writing is going to have some fun play in the courts at some point.

-- Nathan Newman

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