It didn't start with the Sparts...and it won't end there either, if these comrades keep it up...

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On 24 Nov 99, at 11:08, Mr P.A. Van Heusden wrote:

> Peter
> P.S. chronic splitting and pathological behaviour is hardly a Trotskyist
> monopoly - anarchism shows at least as much of this behavious as
> Trotskyism, and Maoism also has a history of split upon split upon split.

That's patently untrue. Anarchism places less priority on building organizations, thus we couldn't possibly have as many "splits" as the leftists. There are plenty of disagreements among anarchists, but there is less effort spent on enforcing a canon like the authoritarian leftist parties seem to enjoy. True, there have been anarchist groups such as Love and Rage that enjoyed numerous splits, but that problem can be attributed to a few individuals who hadn't come to terms with their closet Trotskyist tendencies. It's too bad that an organization of anti-authoritarians didn't chuck this authoritarian out the door sooner.

For a good source on all varieties of anarchist tendencies, see the Spunk Library:

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