Chris Burford cburford at
Thu Nov 25 13:12:31 PST 1999


>(The emergence of the unusual Taliban regime has only occurred in the
>course of 20 years of inter-hegemonistic fighting over their country, and I
>suggest is a primitive communist reaction, albeit not scientific and of
>course not to our cultural tastes. It is a powerful argument against
[delete 'non']
>interference, as will be the emergence of a similar regime from the ashes
>of Chechnya. It is no argument for leftists to be motivated by an unstated
>prejudice against Islamic fundamentalism. Indeed the reverse, if you do not
>like Islamic fundamentalism.)

Chris Burford


PS why have the terroristic actions against blocks of flats in Moscow and St Petersburg stopped, now that the Russian military have got their war under way?

Is it likely that a network of internationalist islamic terrorists directed from Islamabad are that cowardly that they would stop at the first sign of war?

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