[Fwd: Re: ignore this, it's about women and sexism ...]

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Nov 25 19:28:23 PST 1999

>Ah, so asking the question is "a moment of recurrent exasperation." She
>has arguments, her critics just lose their tempers! I see why Prof
>Butler has lately taken up Freud. (btw, shouldn't that be "a recurrent
>moment of exasperation?")
> When Prof B goes to the gynecologist -- which I assume she does -- is
>it because she wants to "perform" being a woman? Or is it that she needs
>a pap smear? If I perform my gender differently, can I trade in
>worrying about breast cancer for worrying about my prostate?

No, but those of us who are worrying about our prostates (like my grandfather) can take heavy doses of estrogen and worry less...

Brad DeLong

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