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>[Catch Reverend Billy/Bill Talen on WBAI's "Wake-Up Call" tomorrow, Friday,
>November 26, around 8 am. The reverend will be talking about Saturday's
>demo, joined by spokespeople from the Global Sweatshop Coalition and the
>Wetlands Environmental Activism Center.
>Bill will be on WBAI again at 2 pm, so don't miss him. And don't miss the
>Reclaim The Streets anti-WTO demo/party, meeting at 2 pm at Union Square
>tomorrow, or two consecutive anti-WTO demos on Tuesday, November 30, one at
>Battery Park at 2 pm, followed by another nearby at the World Trade Center
>at 4 pm. That is, if you can't get away to Seattle. I'm sending a more or
>less complete list of NYC events in a separate mailing. And be sure to read
>the Voice article this week on the WTO.]
>FOR RELEASE: November 24, 1999
>CONTACT: Laura Castro, 212-645-5230
> <nicadlw at earthlink.net>
>NYC Protest Against World Trade Organization
>Focuses on Times Square Disney and Gap Stores
>A broad array of protesters--environmental activists, student
>anti-sweatshop organizers
>and a popular but unordained actor-preacher--will rally, march,
>perform and leaflet in the Times Square area on Saturday, Nov. 27
>as part of an international campaign to increase public awareness
>about the Nov. 30-Dec. 3 meeting in Seattle of high officials
>from the 135 countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO).
>The demonstration will focus on the Disney and The Gap stores on
>42nd Street. The organizers consider these two companies
>representative of the sort of labor exploitation and
>environmental destruction that activists say will result from the
>WTO's planned "Millennium Round" of trade talks.
>Participants will include Ginger Gentile of Columbia Students
>Against Sweatshops, Jerry Dom¡nguez of the Mexican-American
>Workers Association, and actor-producer Bill Talen, AKA Reverend
>Billy, whose "shopping interventions" at the Times Square Disney
>store have won him the attention of the Associated Press ("a
>manifesto bearer of postmodernism") and the New York Times ("A
>Wonderful Show").
>Another highlight will be a live call-in by environmental
>activist Julia Butterfly from 200 feet up in the California
>redwood where she has been living for the last two years. The
>Fisher family, which owns The Gap, is involved in clearcutting
>some of the last 3% of the world's redwoods.
>The New York demonstration will be one of at least 50 anti-WTO
>events that will be held around the globe over the next week,
>including what is expected to be a massive demonstration
>organized by the AFL-CIO in Seattle on Nov. 30. New Yorkers will
>also be participating in a Reclaim The Streets demonstration-
>party on Friday, Nov. 26, and a union-sponsored rally on Tuesday,
>Nov. 30. The Nov. 27 rally will coincide with a major
>demonstration European activists are holding the same day in
>front of the WTO headquarters in Geneva.
>The Times Square demonstration will start at 2:15 pm on Saturday,
>Nov. 27 in front of The Gap store on the southeast corner of
>Broadway and 42nd Street. The program will include a brief march
>past garment district sweatshops starting at 2:45 pm and ending
>outside the Disney store on the southwest corner of Seventh
>Avenue and 42nd Street at about 3:15 pm.
>The event is sponsored by the Global Sweatshop Coalition, the
>Wetlands Environmental & Social Justice Activism Center, and
>Reverend Billy's Church of Stop Shopping.
> -- 30 --
>Global Sweatshop Coalition - "Solidarity with the Oppressed"
> PO Box 748, Village Station, New York, NY 10014
> 212-645-5230 * fax 212-645-6243 * <nicadlw at earthlink.net>

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