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Mr P.A. Van Heusden pvanheus at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Nov 26 05:04:16 PST 1999

On Fri, 26 Nov 1999, kelley wrote:

> peter writes
> >
> >The lack of an exhaustive theoretical systems (a total theory) is, I
> >believe, and I think you argued quite lucidly, the cornerstone of freedom.
> >As I think Angela said about sociology, it is interesting to read for
> >where it fails.
> except that everything you typed *is* a sociological theory.

yes, but not a total one. I have to theorise, but I should try and not be too surprised or shocked when my theory doesn't 'contain' reality, when my theory is inadaquate.

> i'm curious, did you really agree with rob that stealing i a natural instinct?

It seems to me that taking things is a natural tendency. 'Stealing' is a social concept, and can't exist without a certain set of social relations. Seperating out how much of my action is 'instinctual', and how much is 'social', when I grab a pie, is (as Yoshie's quote from Stephen Jay Gould says) a sterile (merely speculative) debate.

Arguing that our actions reflect our biological reality is, in my mind at least, not the same as arguing that our actions biologically determined.

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