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kelley oudies at flash.net
Fri Nov 26 10:18:46 PST 1999

sorry about the below ooops. i had an edited version and an unedited version and when eudora asked if i wanted to send changed version i clicked "no" doiy. i can only plead overwork, not enough sleep and too much caffeine. probably not a good combination. this paragraph should read:

to say that biology is socially constructed is *not* and *never* is about saying that we simply apply willy nilly over the obvious physical differences anything we want.n it is not saying that discourse can determine whether we get melanoma or sickle cell anemia. those are two physical diseases associated with "race" that have absolutely no plausible meaning in definintions of race. and yet we know they exist, we know they are biological differences and we give them absolutely no important meaning currently in how we think of who has race and who doesn't and whether race is a social construct or not."

otherwise, i leave most typos alone. i can't see them for one thing. i don't know why that is. may be that i've always had a learning disability that went undiagnosed ....? but i've always left out words in my sentences and proof reading doesn't help unless i wait a good day or so and read again. i see the word i intended to be there whether it is objectively there or not! [i suspect this has to do with a hectic life and feeling rushed and impatient?] as for the rest of the assinine mistakes i make, well, i kind of like my flaws and i especially like the slippage revealing the bizzarro world of kelley who can think monkey and type "mull over" for god knows what bizarro reason. it's kind of scary, huh?

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