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Fri Nov 26 13:47:21 PST 1999

Catherine Driscoll wrote:
> And, I think Butler's very important point in Bodies that Matter is that as
> soon as we try to organise those real differences -- think about them, name
> them, study them and so on, we are no longer in a realm outside discourse,
> outside the social.

This confuses theories with the world, confuses the content of a theory with what the theory describes or explains.

'Sir, how many legs does this donkey have?' 'Four, Mr.Lincoln' 'And how many tails does it have?' 'One, Mr.Lincoln.' 'Now,sir, what it we were to call the tail a leg; how many legs would the donkey then have?' 'Five, Mr.Lincoln.' 'No,sir, for cannot make a tail into leg by calling it one.'

Sam Pawlett

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