Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.princeton.edu
Sat Nov 27 10:54:29 PST 1999

It's seems to me that in 92 the reform party was fashioned by Perot to steal votes from Bush, Sr to help along the otherwise hopeless candidacy of Willie (meanwhile the Republicans got Congress). It seems to me the party is being demagogically fashioned to steal votes from the Democrats this time to ensure the victory of Bush Jr. It will probably fail in this task; the only way it will be able to succeed (I think) in bringing over Democrats and liberals is through populist anti immigration appeals (which of course makes me shiver). Maybe Senior Bush thought he had to take the fall if one of his sons was to one day enjoy the White House for two terms. It all equals out from the perspective of maximizing inclusive fitness, you see: One term for daddy is worth two for junior. Just feeling conspiratorial. Yours, Rakesh

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