Anarchy In The U.K.

Rob Schaap rws at
Sun Nov 28 06:23:27 PST 1999

Nice post, Dennis!

I've never seen the lyrics, but I've sung 'em often enough (I find lyrics come to me only after the eigth pint, so I may about to talk crap). Anyway, I was always singing about a council *tenancy*? Y'know, that as a subject of the UK, the boys related to their country as a tenant to a rentier. Ordained propriety of action and payment of dues being required - thus producing anarchistic radicalism of the 'GET PISSED ... DESTROY' variety so poetically expressed in one of the great musical denouements of the last thirty years.

I'm probably wrong, but 'tenancy' worked beautifully for me at both political and vocal level.

'Never Mind The Bollocks' is an absolute 'desert-island disk', for mine (one for the middle-aged Beeb listeners out there).

Cheers, Rob.

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