Anarchy In The U.K.

Eric Beck rayrena at
Sun Nov 28 09:42:36 PST 1999

Dennis Redmond wrote:

>"I am an anti-Christ...
>don't know what I want, but I know how to get it..."
>A clever rewriting of Hendrix' more hopeful "I know what I want/ but I
>just don't know... how to go about gettin' it..." ("Manic Depression",
>Are You Experienced)

Which Cobain equally cleverly (and anti-materialistically) re-revised as "I do not want what I have got."

>"or just... another... country
>Another Council tendency"

Which not-so-bright Megadeth thought was "and other cunt-like tendencies," so they sang it that way. Jeez.

>Strange as it sounds, the Pistols have some of the most sensitive and
>expressive guitar
>licks around; you could argue they employed guitars where Bob Marley used
>vocal instrumentation.

Along with this: Johnny Rotten wanted the SP's to sound like Captain Beefheart; Malcom McLaren wanted them to sound like the Stooges and MC5. Though it *sounds* like the latter won out, elements on some of the songs on *Bollocks*, and moreso on *The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle*, are indicators that the former snuck in some complexity and, as Dennis says, expressiveness.


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