Keeping My End Up / Re: Sexism Redux

kelley oudies at
Sun Nov 28 11:41:43 PST 1999

well max hunk honey, i would have thought that of all people you would have lapped up my turning the table on marxist arguments. i never told one person on this list to butt out and actually had an argument with yoshie and carrol that i didn't think men should shut up. but, then roger had to go get his shorts in a knot trying to stop from piddling all over himself by engaging in a ridickulous display of hypocrisies I, II, III, IV:

HYPOCRISY I: he demanded that carrol know his marx and that carrol [and implicitly me b/c i deployed the same arguments] when he couldn't be bothered to know his feminist theory. he couldn't even be bothered to look up a book review or two or even to have read the one that was sent here. i call that intellectual laziness and i'm pretty consisten in my critique of everyone on this list that can't be bothered to read the posts before they jump in or to do a little homework

HYPOCRISY II: second, marxists just love to argue that the reason why people don't get it is because they don't know marxist theory and rely on common sense. and common sense is ideological is it not? [i would have thought you'd find that slam delicious, turning the tables so to speak, isn't an argument for never using common sense. it is however an argument meant to deconstruct the hypocrisy]

HYPOCRISY III: a specific argument with doug and jim o'connor in which he insisted on the use of *marxist* categories as the only real marxist analysis.

HYPOCRISY IV: a willingness to listen to jim o'connor's feminist/sociological critique of the labor theory of value as roger deployed it but an inability to listen to a feminist critique of his argument that men and women should be defined by their relations to reproduction

fuck man, i haven't even read lacquer but guess what. i read a few reviews and combine that with what i already know and a feminst lens and --voila! now, i don't think it would have been that hard.

and frankly i find your complaint that you have 400 mails a bit overwrought given that this list generates 100+ mails a day on avg, combined that with the holiday USers are enjoying and voila! it turns out not to be so unusual as you make it out.


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