Anarchy In The U.K./Phil Ochs/TNR on Fulani

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Sun Nov 28 11:49:26 PST 1999

Just in case lbo'ers don't know of it, the best read on Punk, bar none, is Jon Savage, "England's Dreaming." That line on the M.P.L.A. always got me too, btw.

Chip mentioned Phil Ochs being banned from his apt. In the biographies of Phil, much unfortunately drunken boorishness from Phil is related. At a party where Michael Harrington was (maybe this is from one of his books, the autobio) Phil proceeds to correctly accuse Gloria Steinem of once working for a CIA front, an anti-Stalinist student group founded to contest the Moscow lining World Youth Congresses. The Second Wave feminist publication, "Feminist Revolution," once ran a piece on the Steinem allegations re:CIA. sorta like the National Student Association pieces in Ramparts circa '67 in it's background or the funding of the Congress for Cultural Freedom via CIA that Christopher Lasch wrote about in the ,"Agony of the American Left." (Is he mentioned as one of those pesky Left Conservatives btw? Here there is a case..)

Finally, re:Fulani. The new TNR has a piece on her and PJB.

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