FW: in defense of opportunism/hating the white working class

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 28 20:31:31 PST 1999

Tom Lehman wrote:
>Don't laugh. What happens to those >millions/billions of gallons of jet
>that is burned up each year? Comes out as >exhaust in the atmosphere
doesn't it?

Well just as in the case of water flouridation, were my comrade from New American Movement days, Michael Rotkin of Santa Cruz, has changed my mind from the usual Birchite Commie Plot line, if Tom can bring up any sources on the web on contrails not from a scientifically dubious venue, fire away. In my web surfing I've found tons of scare sites (usually on patriot/militia sites along with pictures of supposed concentation camps were all of us will be spending some time with Larry Pratt come REX-84 coming to fruition?) on contrails, but not being an expert- hey who is on this, even if according to Bob Dylan, one doesn't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...or is it the answer my friend is blowing in the wind?

Reading the latest New Left Review pieces on and by Michael Sprinker, Fred Pfeil, who was in NAM, along with Sprinker, there is passing mention of the organization and the various and sundry activities all left activists are familiar with esp. before burn out or raising kids or grad school or drink and drugs or posting on the 'net or whatever overtakes one. Good piece on Walter Benjamin (interesting detail, Andreaas Baader of Baader-Meinhof was enamored of Benjamin), sad that Sprinker died too soon, and I usually don't have a nice word to say about Althusserians (To Helene:"I extinguish subjectivity! Ooops, now I am a process without a subject." Am I over the line here? Ah well....)

Michael Pugliese

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