The Trojan horse that 'started' a 79-day war

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Mon Nov 29 08:29:21 PST 1999

On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Seth Ackerman wrote:

> I don't think that's entirely true. The main body of the military
> annex was leaked in March but Appendix B was kept secret until after
> the bombing started. (In mid-April, there was a controversy about this
> in the German parliament.) I think Oberg's analysis only dealt with
> the main body, not Appendix B.

Like I said, Appendix B is still up on the web as part of the February 23rd Interim Agreement, and I can vouch that I read it there before the bombs fell -- before the ultimatum was delivered, in fact -- because I was pointed to it by Oberg's PressInfo of March 18th. And he definately deals with the Appendix B issues in details in the Pressinfo titled "Read the Military Agreement." He didn't single out that the objectionable provisions were mainly in Appendix B, but that's the whole point -- he saw no reason to distinguish it from any other part of the agreement. But every major issue of Appendix B -- the complete control of airspace, the immunity to Yugoslav law, the right to travel anywhere in the country at any time without restriction, the right to build any installations, the lack of any of time for leaving, and the right of the mission command to change the scope of the mission at any time for any reason they thought appropriate -- all of that is covered in Oberg's PressInfo of March 19th.

Give him a call. Since he posted it, maybe he can confirm that Appendix B was in fact part of the February 23rd agreement.


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