Posner and Gates

Marta Russell ap888 at lafn.org
Tue Nov 30 20:35:26 PST 1999

Judge Richard Posner is an icon of the Law and Economics School - I think that he sits on the 7th or 8th circuit court.

As CNN Money Line reported today, Posner is acting as a kind ofconsultant in some mediation process to try to bring Microsoft and the Federal government parties to some agreement.

Legally, I don't know how Posner can be brought into the fray between Gates and the Federal lawyers because it seems that he would be inteferring in a court process with the sitting judge who has already found Microsoft to have squashed competition but has not written a final decision- maybe someone else can say what allows Posner to do this???

I hope there is a write up in the LA Times tomorrow. As more details surface, I'll post them.


M.Blackmore wrote:

> Details??
> In article <384464A5.1C5315AE at lafn.org>, ap888 at lafn.org (Marta Russell)
> wrote:
> > That self appointed protector of business, Judge Richard
> > Posner, is inserting himself into the Microsoft/Federal law
> > suit. I would guess his intent is to manipulate the process
> > in favor of Gates since the final decision will not be
> > rendered until February 2000.
> >
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