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>Information retrieval is not the meaning of the word, "memory." When we
>remember something, we are bringing the past into the present.
>CB: This sounds like not only time travel, but time removal. You must be
speaking metaphorically.
I mean that we bring past perceptions and thoughts into the present. Matter is the existence of the present. Mind is the existence of the past. This does not mean there are two existences. Of course, there is only one existence: Time. Consciousness, which joins body and mind-- present and past-- is the microcosm to time's macrocosm. This is Bergsonian metaphysics. The substance of reality is time.

There's nothing odd about time travel. What would be odd is time stillness. In other words, reality is motion, not stasis. Up until Kant, modern metaphysics was essentially Plato-- the ultimate reality is set, from above, by God. Kant's demolition of Plato cleared the way for the emergence of a genuine metaphysics, based on flux rather than constancy. Kind of like the clearing away of static (state) socialism to make room for a dynamic socialism to bubble up from below.


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