Chuck0 Exposed!

Chuck0 chuck at
Tue Apr 4 07:59:51 PDT 2000

rc-am wrote:
> >
> >
> > Hey Chuck, you look like an accountant
> > ferchrissakes.
> >
> > mbs
> Run, Chuck, run!
> (I like the way you slipped B5 in, btw)
> Angela


I didn't make the Reliable Source or the Sports section, but this will do.

Now I can send something to my dad and tell him that all of his scolding about me not playing athletics or having a political backbone paid off.

Sorry I look like a biker accountant. Not all of us 30-something radicals can afford piercings, tattoos, and the hooded sweatshirt look. ;-)

I can't believe that the Style section dissed my glasses!

Soccer anyone?


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