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When Dolan was in Houston towards the end of Jan. he took credit for Seattle and gave a speech peppered with references to Julie Chirstie, Colin Hines, Tom Hayden etc.

Here is Buzzanco's take on Dolan: -----Original Message----- From: buzzanco [mailto:buzz at UH.EDU] Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 8:14 PM To: Ingham, Hep (Contractor) Subject: Re: More on your buddy Dolan

Hep, Why not send in something about Dolan's behaviour in Houston. He appeared at the meeting on Friday night, immediately began taking credit for Seattle, dropped names ["me and Tom Hayden"] and generally made an ass of himself. The next day, at the AFLCIO Hall, he went into his nativist, if not racist, diatribe against China, sounding like Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes and rallying activists to make this their primary issue, no matter that it has little relevance to people here [NAFTA's effect on Texas is far more important] and it is simply a counterproductive strategy if the movement wants to build on the momentum of Seattle. When I confronted him, he arrogantly dismissed my analysis as the "dissent of a professor" and claimed that "the movement" was on his side. What an arrogant, basically ignorant, ass. If Nader has counsel like Dolan, he's little, if any, better that Buchanan.

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