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In the small hours of Saturday March 25th Thessaloniki counts another = one dead from police's shooting. The scenery is familiar. A suspect of = burglary, an 18 year old immigrant and a policeman whoses gun fires "by = accident" during the pursuite.

The policeman G. Atmatzidis is under arrest.

The followin day, some people, in order to protest against police = brutality, attack with stones to the polce station of the old city of = Thessaloniki, where the policeman serves. Ten suspects are being = arrested and then they are set free.=20

The policeman collegues .the attack and having the support of the = inhabitants of the old town demand a bigger freedom concerning the use = of their guns.

On Monday, hellenopont immigrants, friends and relatives of the deceased = manifestate in front of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, in protest of = his unjust death. Facing the reunion, Greeks passing by get disturbed = and they clamor that the outlandish criminals should leave. There are = conflicts between the immigrants and the people passing by.

On Tuesday, while the cop is set free applauded by his friends, = relatives and other bystanders, though thriomphal declarations of = policemen syndicalists and televisionary reportages, the funeral of the = 18 year old boy takes place. The bitterness for the unjustice is = diffused, but it is covered from the voices calling for more safety, for = quashing the outlandish criminality.

The state was absent. It was somewhere else from the daybreak of = Saturday.=20

A gun is pointing all of us

The foresaid fact is not neither unfamiliar nor isolated. And it is not = an accidental one. The easiness with which the police attacks to = immigrants, strikers, anti-authoritarian people, pour people and in = general to sensetive social groups does not stop to the vexation, the = presentations and the beating up. It extends to the shooting that it is = caracterised as "accidental discharge", to murders that they are called = "accidental deaths". And all of that is taking place with the protection = of the judges and of the state which, by copying the american model, = tries to institute the non-tolerance policy increasing the legalised = state violence. This policy is tested on these sensetive social groups, = since they are the most apropriate ground for this sort of = experimentisation before they get applied to the entire society. = Especially in Thesaloniki, these practices are favored, since the local = police is the most suitable candidate to accomplish this "sensetive" = project.

The police, as the most corrupted institution of the greek state, finds = to the face of the "collegues" of Thessaloniki the perfect reflection of = all the criminal practices and facist points of view that caracterise = it. Having a gangsterous and parastate structure Thessaloniki's police = is -since many years- the headquarters of the control of the black money = and a pole of attraction and alliance of political obscurantism. Behind = it is coiled a circle of persons that promote the racism and the = xenophobia with their nationalistic and facist viewpoints.

This is why in Thessaloniki events like the assasination of the albanian = immigrant in the railway station, the one of the serbian student and the = present one, find the most appropriate ground in order to proper and = spread. To this tentative of a nullification of the value of the human = life, an important role is played by the mass media. Since they present = in orchestration (all together) the danger of the outlandish = criminality, they carry along the political parties so as they take a = position towards these events, by nourishing the racism in every = opporturnity using the worst the political life and the society could = show.

In this sort of opporturnities, the whole of the - under other = circumstances- forgotten hodgepodge of the anchorman benches of the = Parliament, like the facist civilian organisations which are aiming to = the reinforcement of the police's role, parade in front of the = television-windows and it is howling enraged.=20

As a permanent listener, the greek society, has resigned from every = claim and has lost every dynamics (except of the purchasing one) and = consequently it raises its voice demanding from the police the safety = that will always lack. The racism is spreading, it is turning against = the foreigners and against everybody who, because of his social position = (immigrants, gypsies, resourcelesses, unemployed) or because of his = attitude (anti-authoritarians) cannot or does not want to live like the = average greek bourgois, whose safety is therefore threatened.

The greek society sees in the socially excluded the culpable for all its = tragedies, and in the racism and its supporters the solution that wiil = lead not to peace but to retirement into private life.

So the state and the mass media that promote this sort of conception, as = the society that assents to the murderous practices of the police, they = attribute the causes of the criminality not to the desperation, the = social expulsion and the povetry, but to the excluded themselves. = Especially the society seems to ignore the consequences of the = assessment that offers unsparingly to the police, either when the last = one murders an immigrant either when it beats brutally demonstrators and = strikers in the streets. It seems to ignore that when it forces the = police to assume more authority, it arms it at the same time in order to = turn it against itself in case of its minimal resistance.

The solution for a more human, free and fair society can occur only = through the resistance to the plans of the authority, which promotes a = model of a passive and weak man, only capable for hard work and = consumation.

While the excluded social groups do not resist to the unhuman conditions = in which they live by putting in front a real unity and collective = procedures on a non-intitutional basis that will secure the equality = between them, while the society does not show its solidarity to these = groups but, in the contrary, teaches to all its members the fear, the = insecurity and the individualism, its institutionalised patrons will = increase the inclemency against it by ta rgeting against the freedom and = the human hypostasis of all of us.


The 18year old immigrant's assasination reveals for one more time the = myths through which the state seeks for its ideologiac-national = coherence, presenting as its policy the geopolitical and national = "unredemptorisms".=20

Minor Asia, Albania, Russia.

The history is repeated monotonously and tragically. The collective = hypocrisy of the state-society is getting denuded and the myths and = their ideology along with it; so the cruel reality makes its appearance. =

"Seeds"of the Turcks - Albanians - Rossoponts.

The "national identity" ideology always was a pretense with an = expiration date. But the immigrants didn't realise it untill it was too = late. The incense of the race smells bad for them. The new-racism of the = state-society is now irrelevant to religion or race. "It is not their = origine does that bothers us, but their indigence", said Haider in = Austria.=20

The extramural ones, the excluded ones, are the new type of the social = inferior person.

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