Is This a Parody of Pomo...

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Wed Apr 5 08:11:57 PDT 2000

Michael Pugliese asks:

>"Brothers, Sisters, We Don't Need Your Fascist, Groove Thing!"
>What New Wave Band Did This Lyric?
>A Back Issue of Monthly Review from the 70's or a back issue of Socialist
>Review from the 80's or a pamphlet by a British Maoist group
>with an interview with Pol Pot or a copy of the Campaigner with "Lyn Marcus"
>a/k/a LaRouche on the Oceanview/Brownsville AFT strike and community
>control, to the first person to answer that question.

Heaven 17. If first I want a Socialist Review from the 80's with something in it by Barbara Epstein.

john mage

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