Bears & Crashes

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i had a prof that i truly admired and respected who used to say that we shouldn't try to get jesse jackson elected. he argued that it would be better to give 'em all four more years of the reagan era crap. that was when i was younger. i thought he was right on. i had a 200$ ford pinto, a decent apt for $200/ month, and a job.


CB: Shorthand for this is "the worse the better". It is usually associated with ultra-leftism.


but most people have kids. bills. ill relatives. responsibilities.


CB: Yes, mature leftism, actually cares about the fact that the working class suffers most in economic depression. This is the dilemma of struggling for reforms even knowing ultimately they will fail.


i hope y'all will remember that some of the "unwitting" tools of capital will starve if it's like the last one. some have no equity. no savings. nothing but a life of hard work and commitment--which ain't going to buy any one jack for their kids if the glorious EOTFWAWKI comes.

but, of course, this is moralizing and unimportant and somehow BAD for the revolution. and assertion that has yet to be soundly supported.


CB: Note Carrol is arguing that revolutions and other upsurges of the working class are associated with economic upturns, not crashes. This is the theory that the working classes move more radically out of periods of rising expectations.


in the meantimie, in your spare time, give _hidden injuries of class_ a good solid read while you all sit around and wait for everyone else to do the revolution for you. report back for an assessment of comprehension abilities.



-- i too stood up. michel went away to vomit. i stood there, with all the cries of Criolla inside my head, lost in the crush. i no longer understood. had I shouted, no one would have heard. i had nothing to say. i kept laughing. --georges bataille, blue of noon

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