[Fwd: Re: Canada's anti-corporate crusader]

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Apr 5 09:47:19 PDT 2000

I couldn't possibly say it better than Gordon does below. I had drafted a reply, which included the sentence, " Actually the anarchists on the list should be able to fill in here as well as anyone," before I saw Gordon's post. His post makes mine redundant.

I will only add that this question of Doug's reveals his major theoretical weakness. He demands that the contingent be detailed in advance.


Carrol Cox wrote:
> >If you want "catch" people just for that magic 45 seconds in the voting
> >booth, fine. If you want to create a bureaucratic social democratic
> >or pseudo leninist party, in which the masses passively support leaders
> >who will do good things for them, fine. If you want a mass
> >movement, then .......

Doug Henwood:
> ...then what?

-- then you must approach people on a different basis, one of participation rather than spectacle. True, the spectacle could give them ideas, but unless the ideas touch the ground they'll remain soap opera.

I've gotten the impression, though, that there's a growing conviction amidst the folk that anything seen on television is fake in some way -- hence the growth of talk radio, Internet ranting, and odd cults of belief like UFOlogy.


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