Netherlands may be first to legalise euthanasia

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Thu Apr 6 18:48:51 PDT 2000

Dutch doctors have killed over 25,000 people who did not ask to die. They have been practicing involuntary cost saving murder(euthanasia) ever since the courts sanctioned "assisted suicide" and gave physicians immunity from prosecution.

Marta Russell

Ulhas Joglekar wrote:

> Wednesday 5 April 2000
> Netherlands may be first to legalise euthanasia
> AMSTERDAM: Campaigners are predicting that euthanasia and assisted suicide
> will soon become legal in the Netherlands -- for anyone aged 12 and upwards.
> If a bill now before Parliament is passed, it will make The Netherlands the
> first country to legalise mercy killing.
> "I think during the course of this year, and even possibly before the
> summer, the second chamber (Lower House) will address the issue and vote in
> favour," Jacob Kohnstamm, new chairman of the Dutch Voluntary Euthanasia
> Society (DVES), told foreign journalists on Monday.
> The Dutch have tolerated mercy killings for years, but with the possibility
> of doctors being prosecuted for murder under the penal code, the bill aims
> to remove a legal grey area. However, the clause to allow euthanasia for
> children without parental consent has proved highly controversial.
> The DVES argues that a 1995 bill giving girls aged 12 to 15 the same right
> to an abortion as adults, without parental consent, met similar opposition
> before passing. "If you think of a child who has cancer, who has gone
> through medical treatment, when they're 14 or 15 years old they tend to be
> more mature than most of the people I meet in one day," said Kohnstamm, a
> lawyer and member of the Upper House.
> "All doctors concerned say it is very rare for parents and kids not to want
> the same thing." But the Royal College of Physicians in Netherlands says
> this means the clause is unnecessary, and the Dutch organisation for parents
> of children with cancer agrees. (Reuters)
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