Klein & radicalism

Carl Remick carlremick at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 12:21:53 PDT 2000

>Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:
>>That does not sound very encouraging at all. Corporations are real
>>entities with names and addresses, endowed with material resources,
>>capitalism is well.... and abstraction, a heuristic model if you will.
>No, I think you've got this wrong. There's a certain kind of petit
>bourgeois radicalism that was popular in the late 80s and early 90s
>that railed against "corporations" as usurpers and besmirchers of the
>beauties of the Smithian market. See, for example, David Korten and
>the International Forum on Globalization - and, for that matter,
>Ralph Nader, who seems to think competition is a good thing. I think
>this shift from corps->K'ism signifies something deeper - a critical
>look at the system of monetization and commodification that's
>regulated by competitive markets. It's looking at underlying social
>relations rather than the scope of enterprise, and I think it's a
>very welcome development.

Absolutely. As abstractions go, the imagery that best fits capitalism itself is that of the hydra-headed monster. You can lop heads off all day long and it'll mean nothing unless you kill the beast itself.


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