Basic Marx quote --- help!

Chris Kromm ckromm at
Sat Apr 8 10:34:06 PDT 2000

Got it -- thanks to all who helped! My conservative audience will love it (and the Lenin quote I'm using about the need to be "as radical as reality itself.") A good 1-2 punch. CK

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> << Does anyone happen to know the exact wording -- and the source -- for
> quote where Marx says something to the effect of, "philosophers have to
> point only described the world, but the point it to change it"? Need it
> a talk today. THANKS!
> CK
> >>
> Btw, auf Deutsch: Die Philosophen haben die Welt nur verschieden
> _interpretiert_; es kommt aber darauf an, sie zu _veraendern_.
> --jks

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