WTO update

Tom Lehman TLehman at lor.net
Mon Apr 10 15:18:02 PDT 2000

In Ohio the only Democrat congressman in favor of China PNTR is Tom Sawyer from the Akron area. All the rest of the China PNTR supporters and leaners are Republicans.

Sawyer is going to be in for a rough time in November if he doesn't see the error of his ways.


Max Sawicky wrote:

> . . .
> This is all very complicated. On this question, the younger, the
> whiter, the richer, and the more Democratic favor China's entry.
> Doug
> >>>>>>>>
> Seems simple enough.
> The young, the restless, the petit-bourgeois,
> the free-trade anti-imperialists apparently
> have more in common w/President Bill than
> previously appreciated.
> mbs

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