What I learned at the world economic crisis.The Insider By JOSEPH STIGLITZ

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Tue Apr 11 13:10:10 PDT 2000

Many thanks to Martin Schiller and Michael Hoover, for digging up the info. Off-list to, Martin, I cited the autobiography of Peter Coyote, the actor. Haven't read, but heard a coupla public radio interviews with him. He was very involved with The Diggers. Their, "Free Store, " was a place in the Haight-Asbury, in the late 60's where if you needed shoes, or whatever, you just picked them up, based on need. One of the interviews with, Peter I heard, he recounted, a story of a Black Woman from the Fillmore district in S.F. who asked if that was shoplifting. He said, with a grin, "Don't tell anyone!" And started piling things she needed into her arms.

Michael Pugliese

P.S. The best album by Mother Earth, the one with the green cover, has the Tracy Nelson signature song, "Down So Low." Pretty sure it's been reissued on CD. My vinyl copy I got for a quarter at Community Thrift in San Francisco, the land of 70's Rock ("Get your Dan Fogelberg!), after seeing it for 20 dollars+ at the used record stores in the City. Mother Earth played a bluesy, funny, hippie country-rock. Right now, I'm listening to Graham Parsons, now that guy died too young...as did Nick Drake and..Jeff Buckley and Tim Buckley...and..and..and...meanwhile Bob Hope is still alive!

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