no bubble

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Wed Apr 12 04:42:02 PDT 2000

If your talking about stock re-purchases by let's say the S&P 500 listed corporations and the effect of these re-purchases on the price of the stock; then the current price of the equity is being effected. Even with that I don't know if that would hold up if you used the Russell 2000 listed corporations. Most re-purchases look to me like the they happen when the price of the stock is under duress or insiders are looking for a payday.


JW Mason wrote:

> Tom Lehman wrote:
> > Josh--I believe your talking about dividend yield.
> Right. But my point is, dividends should properly include net stock purchases as
> well. In recent years, those have run at 50-100% of dividends.
> Josh

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