any comments?

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at Princeton.EDU
Wed Apr 12 09:49:25 PDT 2000

>R, you have ripped Doug's statement out of context.

Of course, I have wildly done so, just trying to be funny. Well I have thought about it, Max. And here's my answer, though it's meant to yank your chain: I am against PNTR, though I think it would add more US jobs ( esp. in higher paying capital goods industry), because I don't think capital should be allowed to defer its breakdown tendency by such an unbridled orgy of exploitation. Fight PNTR, prepare the subjective revolutionary readiness to take advantage of an objective breakdown tendency strenghtened by the shrinking of the valorization base in relation to a swollen mass of capital. I reject all reasons given by the AFL CIO for opposing PNTR, however, and don't think it will have any positive role to play in capitalist crisis conditions. Anways, China was basically being forced back into colonial domination. So the protectionists, anti communist ideologues, and eco people will be the unwitting agent of capitalist breakdown. I hope you are prepared to accept the consequences of your campaign. Yours, Rakesh

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