Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Apr 13 11:01:34 PDT 2000

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Becker of the Steelworkers was the low point of the Seattle rally,
> going on in a very ugly way about how imports were "inundating our
> shores" and threatening the American way of life. The Teamsters had
> some ugly banners about Mexican trucks there, too. Both seem more
> like where American labor was, not where it's going. Or so I hope.

There are of course innumerable caucuses and individuals within organized unions which can contribute to this hope. But it is a hope only, not yet based on much concrete evidence. In another post you suggested that it was possible to criticize the current Chinese regime without being a xenophobe. That is true in the abstract -- concretely, under current conditions, any (*even* true) criticism of China or any of its aspects within the inchoate "anti-wto movement" will, I suspect, only lend strength to xenophobia and all the worst traditions of u.s. labor and the u.s. left.

I think, in fact, this is one of those situations where the infamous adjective/adverb "Objective/Objectively" is called for. Opponents of China's entry into the WTO are objectively racist, *regardless* of their subjective motives or feelings.


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