Freedom of Information Act

matt hogan matt.hogan at
Thu Apr 13 09:45:43 PDT 2000

Since I've acquired some proficiency at filing Freedom of Information Act requests, I've come across some unusual government documents.

One such document is titled:"An Approach to Understanding Psychotronics" by Thomas E. Bearden, dated June 1976, 87 pages. The abstract for this report says that psychotronics "refers to the interaction of mind and matter, and so to a union of physics and metaphysics." In the report, Bearden "advances a Fourth Law of Logic together with first three Aristotlean laws of logic to form a complete, closed metalogic encompassing both physics and metaphysics."

Now, isn't that wierd! By the way, you can get this report by calling the National Technical Information Service at (703)605-6000. The AD Number for this report is: A027866.

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