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From the South China Mainland Post, no?

Saw, the subject line, and at first thought, Henry was ordering, Fifth Columnist Henwood to go work among the rural peasantry. "Rectify that petty-bougeois, revisionist liberal line, ", "From the Masses, To The Masses, " "Combat Liberalism, ", "How To Be A Good Communist.", "How To Make Steel In Your Backyard."

Michael Pugliese, "Capitalist Roader"

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> SCMP Saturday, April 15, 2000
> Ideologically inept cadres face purge
> The Communist Party leadership is launching
> a purge of members deemed to have failed to
> match President Jiang Zemin's standards of
> ideological purity.
> A political source in Beijing said yesterday
> party affiliates who performed poorly in the
> ongoing Campaign on the Three Emphases
> might be kicked out of the party.
> A brainchild of Mr Jiang and Vice-President
> Hu Jintao, the campaign asks cadres and party
> members to improve themselves in three
> areas.
> These are "righteousness", knowledge of the
> Marxist canon and being "politically correct".
> "The purge is being conducted under the guise
> of a re-registration of members in preparation
> for the 16th party congress of 2002," the
> source said.
> "Most of those who will not be allowed to
> re-register are either corrupt officials, 'closet
> bourgeois-liberal intellectuals' or cadres who
> refuse to toe the line laid down by Jiang."
> The Three Emphases Campaign was
> conducted last year among relatively senior
> cadres and party members with the rank of
> head of bureau or above.
> This year, the Mao-style crusade will be
> waged mainly among junior officials.
> In an internal speech earlier this year, Mr Jiang
> hinted that the membership of the party - 60
> million - was too large to ensure quality
> control.
> "If the membership is too large, it is difficult to
> maintain a uniformly high quality," Mr Jiang
> said.
> "If the party's cells have gone bad, its whole
> body cannot be healthy."
> Diplomatic analysts estimated that at least
> three per cent of the total membership might
> be weeded out this year.
> Meanwhile, cadres in charge of ideology and
> propaganda have continued to crack down on
> "bourgeois liberal" elements in party units,
> universities and think-tanks.
> A party source said Mr Jiang and other
> Politburo members were angry that liberal
> intellectuals had privately given a positive
> evaluation of the presidential elections in
> Taiwan last month.
> The source said the leadership was using
> members of the party's "new left", a reference
> to nationalistic cadres and scholars, to hit the
> free-thinking, Westernised intellectuals.
> He added that despite the fact that the 10th
> anniversary of the June 4, 1989, crackdown
> passed without mishap last year, Beijing was
> worried about another wave of demands for
> radical political reform.

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