Hundreds arrested

Marta Russell ap888 at
Sat Apr 15 21:38:58 PDT 2000

This is from the LAAMN Los Angeles independent media list serve:

Washington DC: 7pm. Hundreds of protestors have just been arrested and are now being loaded onto school buses and driven off by police. There are also a few police in tanks, images we remember from Seattle. They also have that Ninja turtle look(NOT sea turtle). According to Richard Becker of IAC, who I ran into on the other side of the police line, a permited march of 1,000 people, initiated by the International Action Center at the Dept of Justice against the Prison-Industrial complex was cut off and surrounded by the police. Hundreds of people got away, and were chanting "let them go!", while, as i said, hundreds were being handcuffed and led onto the buses. I also heard some mainstream media representatives saying that some reporters from major news media had been caught up in the sweep. That might bode well for the way it gets covered!

This caps a day of tremendous police harassment, and police have already blocked off 50 blocks downtown. But the momentum for tomorrow is building,this was one of three different demonstrations today, one against the GAP and another in solidarity with the people's movement in Bolivia--- and one way or another there will be a great expression of the people tomorrow!

-- Marta Russell

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