Hundreds arrested

kelley kwalker2 at
Sun Apr 16 19:30:37 PDT 2000

At 07:49 PM 4/16/00 -0400, Max B. Sawicky wrote:
>Why you?
>Mark Jones
> > Yo, Max, look who showed up. Will I get my Lagavulin?
> > Enrique
> >>>>>>>>>>
>By promising draughts of the awful stuff (which I
>would never drink) to an assortment of list members
>in various transactions, I have invested a wider circle
>of people in my victorious wager. There's all kinds
>of politics.

damn straight about that one and i still haven't collected yet!




nights with forever

dusk-tinted skies and that tree that refuses to bear plums and you who keep the secret to a mystery that I wrote. --gary norris, a curriculum for joy


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