this is progressive?

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Apr 17 14:44:22 PDT 2000

Charles Brown wrote:

> CB: As important as the racist connotation of AFL-CIO criticism of China is the anti-communist connotation.

Perhaps, but I don't think you can fit that objection into a mass line either. One would have to append several pages explaining how criticism of an aggressively capitalizing nation could be anti-communist. I could do that in a conversation -- but I wouldn't want to do it in a leaflet or a manifesto. I have no more personal admiration for the present Chinese regime than Angela does -- I just think it silly and objectively racist politics to make a fuss about it.

Of course it is anti-communist (and empirically and theoretically false) to express a criticism of contemporary China as a criticism of the Chinese Revolution as a whole. I still remain a strong admirer of Mao.


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