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Doug Henwood wrote:
> David Jennings wrote:
> >Overall, my impression is that this movement is turning more
> >revolutionary, popular, and international, and less green-malthusian,
> >local-fetishistic, and reformist.
> Yes, seems that way to me too, and it brings a tear to my eye. The
> green-malthsuian, local-fetishistic, and reformist folks in the
> International Forum on Globalization still run the teach-ins though.
> Kevin Danaher's list of the "leaders" of the movement basically
> sounded like a run-down of the IFG cast list.
> CBC's Counterspin did a live show from DC on Monday night. I'm told
> by someone who was there that a young Indian woman in the audience
> denounced Vandana Shiva for being "out of touch with the realities of
> modern India," and that Shiva got all "defensive" in return. Would
> love to hear more about this, if anyone was in the audience or saw
> the show.

I was at the show, which almost brought a tear to my eye. I had spent so much time in the past week organizing, networking, socializing, and stressing our over the black bloc and the arrests, that it was during this show that I finally appreciated what we had accomplished this weekend. There at the table, sitting next to Danaher, Shiva, and a woman from the IPS, was Jaggi Singh, who articulated the anarchist position on so many issues so well. I really liked how he responded to Danaher's call for more international "progressive parties."

Yes, Shiva practically lost her temper with the young Indian woman. I've never seen Shiva speak, either in person or on TV, but for most of the show she was this model of Third World wisdom. She got one tough question from another Indian and almost went ballistic.

The controversy was over Shiva's remark that the Indian state doesn't resort to heavy-handed police tactics, like the U.S. did with our convergence space. The young woman challenged her about this and Shiva got defensive and said that she meant protests in the capital of India were permitted.

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