Lagavulin was Re: Hundreds arrested

Enrique Diaz-Alvarez enrique at
Wed Apr 19 08:23:23 PDT 2000

Max Sawicky wrote:

> "Max B. Sawicky" wrote:
> > I securitized the case of Lagavullin, got Henwood
> > to underwrite, and he sold bonds to frail pensioners.
> > We cleaned up.
> What I want to know is, when is the IMF going to send me the scotch.
> Enrique Diaz-Alvarez
> You have to be bombed and pacified first,
> then set up simulated democratic institutions.
> Then you get a scotch voucher which you can
> redeem for 1/8th of a bottle.

I am the jilted bondholder here, so I was thinking the IMF goes to Tom Lehman's house, takes the Lagavulin, gives it to me and sends a team to turn Jones into a lean, mean, Lagavulin-repaying machine.

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