Stephen E Philion philion at
Tue Apr 18 20:51:37 PDT 2000

No Max, I was, and could have been clearer about this, talking about radio reports that I was listening to. Of course reporters were not exactly picking out the best and brightest of the protesters for obvious reasons...The strategy seemed to be to look for a youth who could put the words "like uh" many places as possible in a sentence beside an interview with a sharp PR minded IMF/WB official....

I was talking about Marcuse's description of the demonization of protesters in "Essay on Liberation"...Nowadays they don't demonize them so much as pick select moments to make them seem foolish, out of touch, and the like. I wonder if it's not possible for these cells to plan out a media strategy and media rep.?


On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Max B. Sawicky wrote:

> To hear some of the protestors' reaction to the cops, it almost seemed
> like they didn't expect that the cops, Clinton, WB, etc. wouldn't learn
> any lessons from the Seattle fiasco....
> >>>>>>>>>
> It seems to me that some people either don't read entire threads
> before making conclusions about what somebody meant, or
> just isolate something from context in order to find
> something simple to debunk. Just 'some' people, mind you.
> mbs

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