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I'll be in Russia in September, but if anyone's interested . . .

>From: "Piedad Guzman" <Jubilee_ny at hotmail.com>
>To: a16-message at egroups.com
>Subject: [a16-message] After Washington .... A Millennium Rally at the
>United Nations on September!
>Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 19:28:03 GMT
>Dear activist,
>As you probably are aware, world leaders will gather in New York for the
>Millennium Summit at the United Nations from September 6th through 9th.
>Jubilee 2000 NY invites Mobilization for Global Justice and every activist
>of human rights to organize a huge rally supporting the United Nations 2015
>Human Development Goals. Which are; halving the numbers of people living
>below $1a day, reducing by more than 60% deaths of children under five,
>reducing maternity mortality by 75%, and achieving universal primary
>education. However, we know all too well that these important goals will
>never be achieved without debt cancellation to third world countries,
>drastic reforms to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and the
>establishment of mechanism of international justice and accountability.
>Such as the International Criminal Court to judge crimes against humanity,
>war crimes and genocide.
>Of course, representatives of Jubilee 2000 NY will be attending the
>important pacific demonstration of Mobilization for Global Justice in
>Washington on April 16. Njoki Njoroge Njehu, Director of 50 Years Is
>Network has already agreed to help us organize a visible millennium event
>New York. Jubilee 2000 NY made the initial contacts with the Coalition of
>the International Criminal Court and they agreed to organize a millennium
>event supporting the 2015 United Nations Human Development Goals and the
>International Criminal Court. The support and co-sponsorship of the
>Mobilization for Global Justice, DAN and every activist in the United
>States, specially in New York to this event are crucial to pressure the
>leaders of the world. We need you to achieve universal primary education
>and reduce the number of people living on less than a dollar a day… we can
>not let these goals to be in paper by the year 1015 and for the eternity.
>Jubilee 2000 New York was founded in March of 1998. We have organized
>conferences and workshops on issues related to the Human Dimension of the
>International Debt Crisis, which promoted debt cancellation to poor
>countries and the establishment of the International Criminal Court, the
>adoption of the Statute in July of 1998 in Rome. But is there a relation
>the International Criminal Court and the International Debt Crisis? Yes,
>the International Criminal Court will judge crimes of apartheid; therefore
>apartheid debt should be cancel outright according to the International
>Criminal Court and lenders and borrowers put under trial. For more
>information visit our web site www.Jubilee-ny.org
>Mobilization for Global Justice, a wonderful international organization,
>the expertise to organize a great public millennium demonstration to urge
>the world leaders to achieve the UN 2015 Human Development Goals. There is
>strength in numbers, as the demonstrations in Seattle and others worldwide
>have shown. New York in September will be an event to remember like
>Washington in April, and should rank with those thousands who joined hands
>elsewhere to protest the outrage of continued world debt. A pacific
>demonstration with international speakers and a human chain around the
>United Nations should be on the agenda! I hope that we can work together
>achieve these great goals.
>We will not stop until the IMF and World Bank would be reformed, the debt
>dump and an International Criminal Court to try genocide against humanity
>established. Every volunteer of Mobilization for Global Justice is needed
>in New York! Send an e-mail at Jubilee_ny at hotmail.com to support a rally
>September on New York. We would like to invite you to our next planning
>meeting in New York on May 12, at Cabrini Medical Center, in Washington
>TBA, and in your city if there is an activist would like to organize one.
>For more information visit the Coalition for the International Criminal
>Court at www.iccnow.org. Looking forward to "joining hands" for the CAUSE!
>Piedad Guzman
>Jubilee 2000 NY
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