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Isn't somebody writing an article about police abuses in DC? This is for you

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> >Kendall, Annette, Mom/Larry, Rita, Anne Marie:
> >
> >This is Cliff. I'm writing from a Kinko's/.
> >
> >I know you guys are watching the news, and know of the police
> >assualts of the activists, and of the 600 arrested for not having
> >a parade permit.
> >
> >There is more to the story.
> >
> >Scott and his son Milo were arrested Saturday afternoon, by the police
> >at a parade. It was unintentional and unexpected. It looks like an
> >agents provacatuer thing. I have strong evidence to support that.
> >
> >Shane and I were on the outside, and chanted for their release, and
> >protested, and talked to Scott via cell phone as he was arrested.
> >
> >Ultimately, Shane and I went and got Milo, Scot's 16 yea old son, out of
> >jail, because they were releasing the juveniles. Scott spent the night in
> >jail, and was finally released after 16 hours. He went 12 hours without
> >being charged with anything, ultimaely paid a $50 fine for "parading
> >without a permit" and released. He had no idea where Milo was, never got
> >any food, and waited 4 hours before they got a bathroom break.
> >
> >Scott was treated dehumanizingly by the police, they wrote a number on
> >arm like a Jew at a concentration camp.
> >
> >One cop even told him that "this is D.C. and the Constituition doesn't
> >mean anything here." "You have no rights here." (Yes, he's talked to the
> >media.) They shackled Scott's right leg to his left arm, and left him
> >that for a long time. Milo was left alone in a dark, windowless truck.
> >They had to open the door every 30 minutes to let him have air.
> >
> >
> >As all this was going on, Shane and I were outside the perimeter where
> >Scott and Milo were arrested, yelling and chanting. The police were like
> >an army, they even marched and goos-stepped like an army, and had
> >army-like equiptment, there were hundreds of them. They had a police
> >helicopter overhead. They brought in the National Guard. I got
> >a photo of a police officer STRIKING a young woman with his hand because
> >she was part of a group trying to block the National Gaurd truck. I TOOK
> >THIS PHOTO. His BAGE NUMBER IS #2355, DC METRO POLICE. Most of the cops
> >took off their badges so they couldn't be identified.
> >
> >
> >Sunday, Shane, Scott, Milo and I were fine. Not arrested. There were 15
> >people arested early in the morning at the IMF/World Bank, and the media
> >here is crap! The media said the 15 people had "chemicals" with them that
> >"might be something they planned to ue on the police" but it was feakin'
> >VINEGAR to wash off tear-gas! They aid that a "substance other than
> >spray" was used, but that it "might have been sprayed by the protesters"
> >but it was tear-gas, and the police used it. They claimed that it ws
> >"accidentally discharged." Yeah right.
> >
> >The media guy referred to the peaceful protesters milling around as
> >"roving bands" of protesters, implying htat we're all a bunch of
> >gangsters. And one reporter "speculated" that there would have been more
> >vandalism and bottle throwing by protesters if it had not been for the
> >police having shut down the protester's HQ the day before, thusly
> >preventing us from planning, straegizing, and organizing. I ot so mad I
> >called the media and told them that that's crap. The small numbers are
> >because they vandals are the VERY SMALL MINORITY of the peaceful
> >
> >The incident the reporter was referring to occued on Saturday, before the
> >600 were arrested. The police raided the HQ of the protest organizers,
> >locked it down, saying that they were "violating the fire code." all the
> >organizer's notes, flyers, literature, medical gear, evrything was
> >confiscated by the police.
> >
> >So, in a nutshell, the police have declared war. It's like a war zone.
> >You can't travel hardly anywhere in Washington right now, the police have
> >barricades all over the place.
> >
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> >
> >More e-mail to come, and please CALL MY CELL PHONE FOR DETAILS!
> >(214) 207-3235.
> >
> >Peace,
> >
> >Cliff
> >
> >
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