Washington Post on A16

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Wed Apr 19 13:56:09 PDT 2000

>>> Brad De Long <delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU> 04/19/00 04:44PM >>>

Meltzer Report.

There are a bunch of people who think that problems with the world economy arise because it is not laissez-faire enough--that the World Bank and IMF are bad because they are institutions of collective self-government that interfere with the free operation of the market by creating moral hazard, pushing prices away from market equilibrium values, and so on.

That bunch of people are stronger than you are.


CB: But not stronger than you, I bet , because you know some people who are even stronger than the anti-IMF'ers.

And you are aiding them. It's like watching people congratulate themselves on kicking the ball past their own goalie...


CB: The ruling class owns both teams and both goals. But you knew that already.


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