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>Subject: [a16student-group] Jail Solidarity IMF/WORLD BANK
>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 12:37:12 EDT
>I'm not sure how aware everyone is of this issue...over 150 people
>(including a personal friend who I love dearly) are still in jail- staying
>strong in solidarity. They have separated the men from the women and are
>now in DC jail system- not the holding tank.
>I know one person who is working on putting the fire under the mayor's
>office, city council, lawyers and others- however we need to do more.
>I also know that others were outside, where people are arraigned, last
>night- and the media picked that up.
>I am proposing that we flood the mayor's office, Chief Ramsey, city
>media and others in support of those in solidarity and urging them to keep
>the process JUST. There have been reports of the police and US Marshals
>treating individuals unfair, basically harassing and trying to "break them
>What else can we do or what else is being done that I am not aware of? Are
>their proposals for a peaceful protest or candle light vigil outside the
>jail? Let's communicate so we can all support our friends.
>in service, jane
>please forward to your address books...
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