Bourbon as use-value and Universality of Need vs. a Particular Individual's Need

Curtiss Leung bofftagstumper at
Wed Apr 19 09:00:00 PDT 2000

Mark Jones:
> Well, there is nothing at all wrong with a nice
> glass of warm Jack Daniels, but overproof Bourbon
> is like samogon: OK for starting recalcitrant
> boilers or to drink while waiting for a bus or for
> blowing up tanks, but it's not for normal humans
> living in communist utopias surely.

Surely the principle is "From each accord to his abilities, to each according to his needs," comrade! Your particular need for JD and my particular one for Booker's should both be recognized and satisfied as a condition for the universal recognition and satisfaction of needs, no?

-- Curtiss, knowing full well that the mention of brand names -- social constructs -- as substitutes for the objective qualities of alcohol -- use value -- is an even worse piece of metaphysical confusion than classical commodity fetishism, which merely inputes substance to exchange value (and this while setting a new record for the length of his silly signatures to boot)

PS. See Guy Debord's _Panegyric_ for an extended and magnificent discussion of drinking in a (hetrodox) Marxian framework.

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