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Wed Apr 19 20:03:53 PDT 2000

Lisa & Ian Murray wrote:
> > CBC's Counterspin did a live show from DC on Monday night. I'm told
> > by someone who was there that a young Indian woman in the audience
> > denounced Vandana Shiva for being "out of touch with the realities of
> > modern India," and that Shiva got all "defensive" in return. Would
> > love to hear more about this, if anyone was in the audience or saw
> > the show.
> I was at the show, which almost brought a tear to my eye. I had spent so
> much time in the past week organizing, networking, socializing, and
> stressing our over the black bloc and the arrests, that it was during
> this show that I finally appreciated what we had accomplished this
> weekend. There at the table, sitting next to Danaher, Shiva, and a woman
> from the IPS, was Jaggi Singh, who articulated the anarchist position on
> so many issues so well. I really liked how he responded to Danaher's
> call for more international "progressive parties."
> Yes, Shiva practically lost her temper with the young Indian woman. I've
> never seen Shiva speak, either in person or on TV, but for most of the
> show she was this model of Third World wisdom. She got one tough
> question from another Indian and almost went ballistic.
> =========
> Under a couple of constraints [was she wearing glasses? Did she introduce
> herself as a grad student at Simon Fraser Univ.?]
> I'd be willing to bet that the woman in question is Nandita Sharma of the
> Basmati Action Group; she's pretty good friends with Jaggi and gives one of
> the best rants on property rights and partriarchy on the planet. I'm
> to dig through my WTO files for a contact # for possible verification
> Ian

Yes, she was wearing glasses. She appeared to be in her 20s.

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