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Dear comrades,

This morning, at 3 AM, Argentinian workers and union leaders who were gathering around the House of Parliament were brutalized by the Police. They were gassed, hit with sticks, and shot with both rubber and real ammunition.

The charge was that they were attempting to carry on a plan to close access to Congress to the Senators, who were to debate (and most presumably approve) the Labor Code that the IMF has imposed on the De La Rúa administration.

The evidence that has been presented is ridiculous, and at most it would imply to judge PROBABLE INTENTIONS, not FACTS or CLEARLY ASCERTAINED INTENTIONALITY.

As a result of the repression, one of the Secretaries of the newly assembled combative CGT (Unions Central) was shot in a testicle and is in serious health situation.

We need solidarity from everyone. Please forward mails protesting against police brutality and the new Argentinian Labor Code to the Argentinian Presidency, to the House of Representatives, to the Senate, to the Argentinian Ministry of Interior, and to the Argentinian Ministery of Labor. I do not access Internet during workdays, so I cannot give the URLs, but I am certain that you will all find them.

This government is showing its fangs at the resistence of our people against IMF and their mandates. You can help us stop their escalade. Will keep you informed on further events.

Thank you all,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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