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>Subject: [a16-dc-planning] Seattle, DC, Philadelphia- Organizing Meeting on
>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 12:06:00 EDT
>Seattle in November was a wake up call. In DC last week we expanded the
>movement and moved it east. In Philadelphia on July 30 we will make
>People across the country are planning to join us in Philadelphia this
>for a week of action that begins on Saturday July 29 and ends on August 3.
>The major action will be the Unity 2000 march and rally on Sunday, July 30.
>Tens of thousands of people will join together representing diverse
>such as global justice, labor, the environment, LGBTQ, women, African,
>Latin@ and more.
>Join us as we discuss the DC actions and plan for our history-making march
>and rally at a meeting on Wednesday, April 26 at 7:00 PM. The meeting will
>take place at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry St. in the Rufus Jones Room.
>We'll have updates on logistical and legal issues, outline the plans for
>various activities during the RNC and discuss what we need to do to make
>dreams reality.
>Now that the primary election is over and A16 was victorious we need to
>our attention in earnest to our plans for this summer in Philly.
>Please join us and pass the word along to friends and allies.
>Michael Morrill
>Unity 2000
>529 Court St., #509
>Reading, PA 19601
>unity2000 at pcan.org
>Email list: philly2000-subscribe at listbot.com

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