Business Round Table(BRT)

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Thu Apr 20 13:07:23 PDT 2000

The Business Round Table is pouring big bucks into TV and radio to sell the China PNTR deal.

The Business Round Table has a real slick 30 second TV spot with the American flag in the background and cast of diverse morphing talking heads telling people how wonderful trade with China will be after PNTR passes. There is a radio version of this commercial too. Both are well done and would fool anyone who wasn't aware of the issues.

I was glad to read that Congressman Gebhardt plans to lead the opposition to China PNTR; although I think this maybe a desperation move on his part to save the Democrats from further losses in Congress.

If the unions really want to get tough; we could let it be known that the union isn't picking up any expenses for any convention delegates this summer if we lose on China PNTR.

Tom Lehman

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